I spent $103.81 on 3 Journals

Here’s how they are changing my life for the better

“Leave a positive review on a product or business that has changed your life for the better.”

Image obtained from https://memegenerator.net/

1. The Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal entry based on their 5 prompts!

2. Productivity Planner

A busy day, and busy week! The Productivity Planner helps me keep my life in order.

3. One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book

One Line a Day entry the day of and before I ran the Amsterdam half marathon!

The Daily Routine

Why I love my 3 journals (and why you should get them too!)

“Close your eyes and sit in silence for 10 minutes”

“Say I love you to yourself in the mirror”

“Take a 10+ minute walk in a peaceful setting today

5 Tips to get the most out of these journals

If I could only choose one…

Leave a positive review…



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David Boroto

infrastructure nerd, global development nut and social impact practitioner | twenty something year old figuring out how to change the world